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    Valley repairs by the roofing experts Melbourne 

    The team at Jacana Roofing can repair or replace your old roof valleys. The roof valley is the place where two slopes of your roof meet at an angle, and these areas can be susceptible to issues if they are left unchecked. Minor leaks can usually be rectified by fairly inexpensive valley repairs, but if the valleys are showing signs of rust and deterioration, a full replacement may be the only solution.

    Typically, roof valley should last around 20 years with correct maintenance and regular inspections for any signs of deterioration or debris build-up. Roof cleaning is, of course, a contributing factor to maintaining any roof in good order, and it can also extend its life span. This is even more important if your property is situated under trees, particularly gum trees, as the valleys will require regular cleaning to avoid being damaged.

    If your valleys are already showing signs of rust, but they are still water tight, our team can apply a special cold galvanising paint in order to slow down the corrosion process. This will extend the life of the valley and protect it from corroding further. Our team of skilled roofers at Jacana Roofing are experts in all aspects of valley repairs, replacements, and preventative maintenance techniques.

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    Call them now on 03 9382 0628 to arrange for one of our team to carry out a roof inspection at your property.

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